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Makeup Shopping you Should do FIRST

So here it is, let’s start with the essential makeup items before evolving into avant-guard makeup fashion!! In this post, I will be telling you what essential makeup items are must-haves in your makeup bag, which are as well the ones you better invest the most in.

There are a few essential makeup items that “must be” present in your makeup bag, these are the essentials: those items will take you from morning till evening and constitute the basics –The A B C- of your makeup! The post is a little long, but bear with me, I am trying to help you out here!!!

My favorite list of essentials:

-A good concealer/highlighter to erase those morning dark circles and/or any skin blemishes. Make sure the concealer is two tones lighter than your skin tone. I would recommend: Colorstay from Revlon, it is easy to apply and lasts all day!

-A high coverage light foundation. I have a weakness for those foundations that turn into powder few seconds after being spread on the face!! They save you having to use two products and give your skin light feel and matt finish. I am totally fond of: Teint Osmose from Agnes B (Club des Createurs de Beaute – Paris).

-A good eyebrow defining powder or pencil. And here’s the trick, you better pick it one shade lighter than the hair’s color, unless you’re a light brown or a blond. Picking your vey same hair color will end up with too-intense a result, especially when you’re dark haired. My pick for this category would be: Powder Eyebrows Pencil from Dior! It’s truly lightweight and high definition if used accurately.

-A good waterproof black or dark brown kohl pencil. Pick one that leaves an intense trace, which means a semi-wet texture. I am particularly fond of: Le khol from Agnes B (Club des Createurs de Beaute); but there’s a host of other great brands. Just make sure the color comes down intense without you having to apply extra pressure.

-Well … Not to anyone’s surprise, a good waterproof voluminizing mascara will definitely make this list, and my pick would be: Maybelline’s Colossal Volume, it is epic.

-A good blusher defines and draws your cheekbones. Make your essential blusher a neutral coral pink or a light peach and of a silky non-shimmery texture. My pick: Poudre Tissee of Chanel.

-A lip shaper is essential to define your lips and stop your lipstick from filing, opt for a semi-wet texture and a color close enough to that of your natural lips color. I particularly love: Infallible Lip Liner from L’Oreal-Paris.

-About the end a lipstick in a neutral natural color (use your natural lips color as a guide) would intensify the contrast between your lips and skin color and make your pout more noticeable. I do not have particular recommendations for this item, though I am a fan of MAC longstay lipsticks in general; however I prefer to go with a soft formula with moisturizers. UNE a new brand, has a nice host of sheer and natural colors, feel free to try some. Maybelline’s Color Sensational line is also perfect, it doesn’t dry the lips and isn’t sticky so you’d wear it comfortably all day long.

-And finally, if you’re a fan of glossy effect, opt for a light textured transparent gloss with long wear advantages, and this is where I would recommend: Gloss Coat from M.A.C., it just stays for hours!!

These items are not everything and shouldn’t be everything in your makeup kit, however, they will seal the deal for you on busy mornings and constitute a good base to be intensified throughout the evening by adding some colors, a darker blusher, shimmery highlighters for your skin and sparkly effects to your sexy pout. More on that in subsequent posts. Until then, rush to the nearest makeup shop and get your essentials ready!! Oh and do not forget to buy a good makeup remover!!

Hope that was useful!!


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