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Fashion Blogger Gone NAKED

So I am a fashion and beauty blogger, but before that, I’ve been a fashion & glam lover for quite a while. One who almost never goes out without a dose of outfit glam and makeup. A real “real” glam lover.

The bling bling can get overdone, and it might -at times- overshadow the real person. And this is why I am putting this post together.

When you are a glam lover, a blogger, or just a girl who wouldn’t go out without being decently dressed, with a touch of glam, and with some makeup on; a whole lot of accusations often follow. Ranging from “she must be ugly under all that makeup” to “she’s hiding loads of insecurity behind her glam”; let’s just say I’ve almost heard it all.

Now here’s the thing: Not every girl who loves to put on makeup is putting it to hide something, some are interested in making a statement. Not every girl who loves to put together a fashionable outfit is insecure about her body or her image, she might be -as simple as that sounds- a fashion forward person. And not every girl who invests in her physical appearance is shallow, the love of beauty is entrenched in the human nature (and well, as unfair as it sounds, has its own advantages). Not every glam lover has a dark side.

I am not writing this to make the case for “fashionable” and “beautiful”, there’s a whole literature on “aesthetics” which already took up the mission of proving that appearances are as important as any other orders in life. I am writing this to say:

“Some of us do it for the love of everything fashionable, of everything beautiful”!

On a more personal level, those who know me and follow my blog and social media (facebook & twitter), know very well that I share a lot of pictures of my casual style, bad hair days, sweaty gym moments, no makeup face and ridiculous anti-fashion days.

It is easy for me to get naked, leave the glam out and just share my underdone self anytime. I wear my glam, but I do not depend on it.

And I’d take it a notch up to say, that all of the gorgeous bloggers and fashion editors I’ve met lately share this. All fashionable, beautiful inside out, successful and confident ladies who carry themselves with elegance and grace with and without the extra bling bling.

In sum, don’t judge the look, judge the lady behind it. Better yet, don’t judge at all.


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