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Combined Beauty Routines

As a fashion editor and a blogger, you guessed it, I get a lot of beauty products and gifts to test and review. My beauty routines are never synchronized and I am always jumping from one routine to the other, every time I have something new to talk about.

But no one product can actually achieve the promised results if it is constantly interrupted by different products, machines and spa processes. It also become too hard to single out what’s working and what’s not when a million different items are on the table combined with extensive spa treatments and my weekly pampering sessions.

If you are in the same situation, with a lot of products and treatments that you are excited about; here is my formula for having it all without losing any efficiency:

1- Use the gel formula and light cream formulas in the morning; it will save you extra greasiness during the day.
2- Use the heavy creamy formulas and oils before you sleep; no one will see you then and you can afford to look a little more shiny.
3- Keep your more radical facials, especially peelings and heat treatments at a once per week schedule; and have them one by one so you can single out what works for you.
4- Do not combine heat treatments with cold treatments ever. Try each on its own and space them by at least two weeks.
5- Never mix chemical and acid peelings with actual physical peelings; I once ended up with a bad burn.
6- Give every beauty routine at least two weeks to judge it and decide whether you want to go on with it or not.
7- Never combine more than two daily routines and one radical weekly routine together.


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