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How to Protect your Hair at the Beach

It is the season to spend under the sun; and under the sun means not only skin damage, but also some serious damage to the hair. Under such a weather, you should definitely protect your skin, and most definitely protect your hair.

Heat and dryness of weather have some serious effects on the hair, especially if it includes long stays under the sun, and dipping in the salty water of the sea or the chlorine-concentrated water of swimming pools; or exposure to the wind. Learning how to protect your hair is crucial.

However, there are small tricks to use in order to protect your hair enough during sun exposure:
1- Use a hat when possible, if not, what about a turban??
2- Use a dry oil or a very light hair mask that can shield your hair against the direct rays of the sun or the salty / chlorine water.
3- Rince your hair using normal clean water after you are out of the pool or of the salty water
4- Use a hair moisturizing spray while you are tanning or over exposing your hair to the dry wind or the heat of the sun.
5- Gather your hair in a ballerina bun, it will protect it more than having it loose.

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