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A Better Morning Routine for a Better Day

You just have no idea how much can your morning routine affect your life. These few minutes you take for yourself before you attack your work/weekend day can set the tone for the rest of the day; the morning routine is a day-setter.

I love to sleep late, but no matter what time I need to wake up, I tend to give too much attention for the details of my morning routine -of the few minutes following my wake up-; and since I’ve learned to control my morning routine, my days have been becoming better so I will pass on a few tips to help you improve your morning routine:

1- Have your outfit set from the previous night so you don’t stress about it
2- Take it a notch up and have your perfume and your makeup products and accessories also set in front of the mirror ahead of time, as of the previous night
3- Wake up slowly, and do not rush sitting in bed or jumping up; take a good 5 minutes absorbing the day
4- Have a glass of water room-temperature before jumping into the shower
5- Wrap yourself in your bath robe and prepare your coffee
6- Sip your coffee slowly as you are getting dressed and putting on your makeup
7- Take the time for a decent 15 minutes healthy breakfast while going over the day’s news
8- Take a #selfie and now you are ready to start your day.

Always have enough time to wake up slowly and perform your routine, it will affect your physically and mentally and set the tone and the vibe for the rest of the day. So make sure it is positive…


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