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Summer Makeup

There’s always this one makeup we all tend to do every day, or whenever we do not really want to think of an alternative or a specific makeup for a special occasion. My often go-to summer makeup is the typical bronzed summer makeup with all its shimmer and glow, by day and by night.

This post is dedicated to showing you the steps of my go-to summer makeup which is perfect almost with everyone whether they are lightly tanned or deeply baked:

1- Use a light concealer and an even lighter foundation with feel-good light coverage, then a tan or transparent loose powder to mattify it and fix it.

2- Sparingly sprinkle a bronzer with light strokes all over the areas of your face where the sun naturally hits (the forehead, the cheek bones, jaw lines, nose, bow of the shin and upper temples).

3- Use your thick eyeliner pen to smudge some black around our eyes, the closest possible to the lash lines.

4- Start with a dark bronzed eyeshadow the closest to your upper lash line and work your way smudging with a lighter shade up till the eyebrows. Finish up with black mascara, multiple layers of course!

5- Use a golden shaded blusher all over your cheeks, my trick is to start with a dark bronze at the center near the hair line, then work my way up using two different lighter shades to the apples.

6- Draw your lip lines with a nude lip liner, slightly above their regular line and fill up with the nude shade that feels right with your tan. Try to go for a warm caramel nude over the lighter tons because overly cold nudes clash with the warmth of the rest of the look.

top arab style influencers


top arab style influencers


top arab style influencers


top arab style influencers


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