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Morning Rituals for a Happy Day

It had been scientifically proven that starting a day on a positive happy note contributes to keeping a person in a good mood all day.

I have been trying to start my days the best ways possible lately, especially that I am on a long vacation. This is why I will share with you my morning rituals and a few tricks that’ll help you kick off your summer days happily:

1- Wake up, and plug in an energetic happy song. Music is a great way to adjust the mood and give you a boost.
2- Have a colorful breakfast, colors are very powerful mood boosters.
3- Give yourself at least 10 minutes of calm quiet time with your cup of coffee.
4- Make sure to surround your room with your favorite stuff. Gifts from your dearest friends and other sweet memories. Nothing makes me happier than waking up to think first, of all the people I truly cherish in my life.
5- Talk to God for a couple of minutes, and ask him for a day full of optimism and laughter.
6- If you are anywhere near the mountainside or the beach, start your days feasting on the beautiful view. This too, is a luxury.
7- Put on your sneakers and take a short walk on the beach, in the garden or even on the street. Amazing what can 15 minutes of morning cardio do to your mood.

And always remember: تَفاءَلُوا بِالخيْرِ تَجدُوه


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