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7 Types of People you can NEVER be Friends With

It’s been a while since I wrote anything in my inspiration section. Not that I haven’t been inspired to write anything about self growth or life, but because I have been processing quite a few things in my mind. Things that I will start to share as of this week; hopefully a little more regularly than before.

There are types of people you cannot be friends with. Period. This is a fact that we just cannot ignore. These types of people you can’t be friends with are everywhere; in your university, work, neighborhood but mostly around your career and social/personal life.

Here are 7 types of people you can never be friends with, for your own benefit:

1- The type that wants what you have; and I don’t think I have to go at length about those.

2- The type that thinks you want what they have. And that’s even a worst type, because they assume you want their lives. Do not take it too personal though, they think everyone wants their lives.

3- The natural haters. These will not stand your success, happiness or the slightest advantage you might get through your own hard work; but worse yet, through luck.

4- The negative critics. And I am not talking about the good friends or professionals who are brutally honest giving you shots of the good, the bad and the ugly. But those who, once they decide they hate you, will go like “she’s breathing, OMG”. Again do not take their comments into consideration; they hate you overall even if you were drenched in virtue.

5- The two faced. If they are showing you one good face, but most other people hate them; you will most probably meet and greet the other face sooner than later.

6- The downers. They find the risk in every opportunity, the negative aspect of every story, and the million reasons why you shouldn’t be doing something. Lose them, before they make you too safe for life.

7- The stalkers. You stop talking to them, you unfollow them, you don’t even reply to them, you ask third parties not even to let you know how closely they are stalking. And they still stalk. The good part about these is that they are rarely harmful; just conceptually creepy and another level of pathetic and obsessed.

Good luck spotting the toxic people and running to the hills.


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