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How to Deal with Anxiety

When you face a situation that throws you right away in a state of stress or sudden anxiety; you feel paralyzed and your mind starts running on a overdrive trying to process this sudden anxiety in order to find a solution to take it back to a state of balance.

I used to be an anxious person; one that’s easily affected with both long term and sudden anxiety. Until time itself, taught me that every situation passes; no matter how complicated.

However, sudden anxiety can be momentarily paralyzing; this is how I learned to fight it:

-Take a deep breath; a really deep one. Because the first thing we tend to do is stop breathing.

-Let your first thought be: “This too shall pass”; then remember all the times your anxieties eventually passed.

-Make sure you busy yourself with something that’ll take your focus away from the issue that’s stressing you. Just for while, imagine you never heard the news.

-Do not underestimate the power of music and a hot drink combined together. Try the combo for 15 minutes before tackling the matter again.

-Confide in your best friend, or someone mature and emotionally distant from the matter. Then sleep on it and come back for feedback at least in a day (unless the matter requires immediate attention).

-Recognize that you are anxious and stressed; and avoid taking any immediate action; because most often than not, it is not the correct one.

-Go back to the matter hours later, when you are much less stressed about it and able to make a rational decision or accept the issue more gracefully.

The thing is; these steps are easier said than done; however with practice and some help from close friends or family, you will learn to manage your sudden stress and sudden anxiety, and you will start making better decision under such paralyzing circumstances.

Trust me, I used to be a fruitcake.


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