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New Summer Makeup

Summer makeup tips are going to flood the internet in a blink of an eye; now that it’s already summer hot and we’re all ready to rock it!

My summer makeup tips though, will focus on the IT makeup trends and how to use them during summer all while avoiding the downsides of heat, dehydration and excess shine:

1- Primers: Primers are high now that we’re extremely skincare conscious. Use the least greasy and most easily absorbed primer during summer.

2- Contouring: You cannot possibly miss the myriad of contouring tutorials online and on social media; keep with the powders instead of the creamy contouring formulas for summer. The last thing you need is an extra prone-to-melt layer.

3- Lashes: Stick with one pair of lashes and avoid stacking them during summer. The feeling of heaviness won’t be appreciated during long hot and humid nights.

4- Eyebrows: Unless absolutely necessary, keep them natural. We tend to touch our faces a lot in the heat, and the second last thing you want is erasing or smudging an eyebrow!!

5- Anything that spells “Mousse”: Whether it is eye shadow, blush or foundation, stay away from “mousse” and other foamy formulas on hot days because they tend to cake up.

6- Creamy formulas: Creamy formulas are not to be confused with liquid formulas that are usually lighter and drier upon application. Dump creamy formulas if you want your makeup to stay shine free for a longer period.

7- Shine absorbing sheets: Most of the ones I tried absorb some of the extra grease but never really remove the shine or mattify the skin; so make sure you have a transparent matte loose powder handy wherever you go.


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