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Feel Good Makeup

After exactly a week of my minor surgery, and 7 full days living between my bedroom and the kitchen; I needed to finally wake up and makeup!

The truth is I am tired, I am sick, I am home-bound and I desperately need to get out of this mode. The simplest way to do so is to actually look at the mirror and have someone who’s not pale and zombie-like staring back at me. Since I cannot move around a lot, feel good makeup was the shortcut!

To create this look, I started with a very light foundation which is “Osmose” from Agnes B, it is one of my favorite foundations as it turns from liquid to powder right after skin contact. Then I used a 4 toned bronzer from “Clarins” as a blusher, I skipped the countouring because all I needed is to look fresh, not necessarily cinematic. The main lines of the makeup though, were all based on my new fascination with Lush makeup products: My eyeliner, mascara and blended shades of pink lipstick (violet and baby pink). I went for simple liner and black mascara look (both by Lush Cosmetics) with an intense pink pout mixing purple and pink from Lush.

The Tricks of Feel Good Makeup:
1- Use a bit of baby pink eye shadow under your lower lashes to brighten up the eyes.
2- Avoid pink on your eye lids and use just a bit of light gold.
3- Avoid contouring your face, keep that step for a more elaborate makeup.
4- Use medium to light coverage products.
5- Blend your makeup well and do not leave any sharp edges.







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