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On Body Image and Self Confidence

Let me start this post by stating I am clearly not your typical thin & tall fashion person. In fact, I am slightly curvy. Maybe not so slightly. I break a lot of fashion rules, sometimes for the heck of it; but some other times because I do not want to allow the rules to stop me from enjoying fashion, for after all it means nothing if you are not enjoying it.

In this post, I am wearing a dark top and white printed pants. I know perfectly that the perfect combination for someone who’s a big bottom is the exact inverse; but this is what I felt like wearing, and a fashion rule or two won’t stop me. You know what else won’t stop me, what other people think.

I am comfortable with my body image and quite high on self confidence that making alleged fashion “faux pas” does not trouble me that much, as long as I am enjoying my outfit and the way I look in it.

This post is just to tell you, that no matter how much fashion rules I or other fashionistas, bloggers or editors, present to you; no rule overrides your happiness and self confidence.

Fashion is a game, and it is okay if you twist it sometimes.


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