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I am Stressed too … Here’s how to Reduce Stress

How to reduce stress is a worldwide concern. Stress today is the number one problem of most people, the one evil that keeps us from enjoying our daily life and its small pleasures.

I have been intending on sharing with you my views on how to reduce stress for a while now, especially that I have started applying some techniques successfully.

I know what stresses you. Financial concerns, your extra pounds, your day job, your family problems, your last break up, a messed up relationship, your overdue assignments, 10 freelances you are handling and the fact that you know you are stressed stresses you even more.

But please take a moment to walk with me: I have a day job (which I quit and will be leaving soon in favor of bigger personal projects), plenty of freelances which I often fail organizing, loads of events to attend (I tend to miss half of them), having to be a role model for my younger siblings (brats as they are), having to look good on the days where I have to face real people (I am a fashion blogger you know), a master thesis I have been trying to finish for a year now (not any soon), a blog to keep updated even when I don’t have the time to think of an idea, hurricane-like turmoil in my love life and of course having to create the time to keep some sort of a resemblance to a normal social life.

Here’s my shoes, do they fit?? I am sure a lot of the aforementioned sounds very real to some of you.
But you know what?? I am happy. I am a very happy person!!

I am happy because I learned how to let go of stress more than a year ago; and right when my life was in a volcano, I was chilling like there’s no tomorrow.

Here’s how to reduce stress a la Patricia:

-Always give yourself more morning time than you need to get ready and rush out. Nothing is more soothing than a cup of coffee or tea in the morning “3ala rawa2” without any rush!

-Make sure you practice at least one type of high intensity workout; these body-crushers are a great way to suck the stress out of you. I am into weight lifting.

-Compartmentalize and divide your life into sections; when in an event or with friends (or the boyfriend) thinking of work or studies is not allowed) and vice versa… Focused times are stress preventors.

-Focus on finding the beauty around you, in a friend, a song on the radio while stuck in traffic, a rose on a sidewalk or a pet… If you look around, you will find something beautiful; I tend to focus on colors and music.

-Oh and music, music, music… Make sure you always have access to music; it’s my oxygen.

-Eat right; a healthy body will help keep your mind healthy. Do as I did, kick caffeine and nicotine out FOREVER.

-Drink water, plenty of water. Water, along with eating right will keep your energy levels high all day increasing efficiency and reducing stress. I am currently never below 3 liters of water a day.

-Disconnect sometimes. Nothing helped me more than this one or two hours a day I spend away from my Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, laptop and any type of interactive media and other modern evils. I’d read, listen to music, or just walk… Totally disconnected.

-Travel. And when you do, disconnect! You will be able to share your experience with your followers when you come back! While at it, live the moment and enjoy every moment away from home.

-Treat yourself to a spa session or a prolonged bubble bath at least once a week; I never never go without these! And of course… Disconnect!

-Talk to a friend once in a while; stress shared is stress healed… Ask me (and my poor best friend who listens!)!!

-And above all, stop the self talk! Here, now, right this moment. Stop talking to yourself. Because I know for fact that you are convincing yourself of all the things that can go wrong in a scenario; whereas in reality it will be all right. Trust me on this one; I used to talk to myself a lot and end up more stressed than before; we finally fought, I don’t talk to her anymore and it’s been great for me since!

-But if you insist of having an internal debate, make it positive! Because in the end, we’ve all been through worst case scenarios and lived to tell…

I mean look at me…


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