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Sharm El Sheikh Trip

Travel to Sharm el Sheikh: The Egyptian city located in Southern Sinai and which remained occupied by Israel until the 80s (The Camp David Accord), is one of the main spring and summer attractions of the Middle East. On the shores of the Red Sea, Sharm el Sheikh can be perfectly compared to a giant resort with many many different hotels and beach resorts within in.

To be real, Sharm and Sheikh is a laid back destination; where all you want to do is to tan on the beach or go tan on a boat in the Middle of the Red Sea. Besides that, you can also watch some shows and discover the desert on a safari or exercise some water sports.

The main attractions of Sharm el Sheikh are the beach (wherever it is; all shore long), the Red Sea islands, the desert (especially at sunset), the corals reefs (which you can watch through a submarine or by diving or snorkeling), Naama Bay which is the place with the most restaurants and clubs in it, and Al Mercato street and Soho Square which are shopping and leisure destinations.

Some of the downsides of a Sharm el Sheikh are the food and service in the hotels. The food isn’t as good as it is in Beirut, and the service less than perfect; even if you are at a 5* hotel. But the staff and people in general are beyond friendly and sweet.

I am sharing below my own experience of travel to Sharm El-Sheikh; a city that is also going a work destination for me in the near future:

















































































































































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