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How to be Stylish at the Beach

If you’re all things Beirut! Then you know that you can’t escape being scrutinized for style even on the beach; you gotta be stylish on the beach! Fashionicia decided to follow you there and bring you a few guidelines to stay in style while soaking up some sun! Stylish on the beach, is our new thing this summer.

Here are the steps to become stylish at the beach:

Your Beach Dress:

The less structured, less patterned and more colorful, the nicer! Wrap ups are absolute sexiness and comfort; and long beats short in style!

Your Swim Suit:

Unless it’s a beach party, the best choice for tanning is the 2 pieces swim suit. It is true that some shops are lately displaying swim suits in 2 pieces separately; but the elegant choice will always be to go for the classic match. Now for the 1 piece items, keep them for the parties and go as glam as you can!

Your Hair:

Unless you are planning to swim, keeping your hair loose is the perfect beach alternative; nothing sexier than long hair when it’s down on your shoulders while sitting at the beach. Now if you are planning to swim; put your hair up in a nice bun using a discrete hair clip or an elastic that’s black or the color of your swim suit.

Your Beach Bag:

Neons are this year’s choice! But if you want to go for something that’s more versatile, a bow detailed raffia bag that you can match to your beach hat is always a good choice!

Your Hat:

Your beach hat can come in any color your want as long as it matches your swimsuit; just like your bag, if you want to stay neutral and versatile, bow detailed raffia hats are just perfect! Try to choose the thick raffia nodes though, they look much more elegant!

Your Flats:

Yes, we said flats, because wearing heels on the beach looks more like a desperate move for attention!! Keep you flats “as flat as possible” and coordinate them with the color of your swimsuit or your dress!! And at that, coordinating the colors of your dress and swimsuit would also be perfect! Raffia natural color is a good choice if you’re going versatile or carrying a raffia bag and hat!

Ready to tan in style??


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