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7 Things a Girl Needs to do Every Morning

This is not a motivational post, not a beauty tutorial; I am not trying to teach you anything nor trying to twist your view of the world with some deep far-fetched philosophy. I am just telling you more about 7 small motivational things I do everyday in the morning, and that make my life a little better every day; but then again -this is not a motivational post- :

1- I close my eyes and visualize my day, and create a plan then stick to it as far as I can (written or not)
2- I dress while listening to music, it puts me in a positive and productive mood no matter how little sleep I got.
3- I put on makeup; not because I shy away from going out without it; but because it lifts me up a little bit further.
4- I smile; if I am sad or in a bad mood, I also smile. So fake it till you make it.
5- I make sure my coffee is done well; nothing can ruin my day more than bad coffee! Oh gee NO.
6- Look in the mirror, and remember that other people are seeing exactly what you are seeing; so no need to self-doubt; it is pretty much in your own hands!
7- Take a selfie. Here I said it. After you are all put together, take a selfie to remember yourself on this one day; it’ll not come back!!


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