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Winds of Change

This is not just an inspiration post. It is about time to change; and I know I and everyone else tend to say that a lot. But it is truly time to change; and this inspiration post is here for the sole reason of reminding me of what’s important.

Life has been happening at a pace that wasn’t my own. Consumed by external obligations, the fast pace of a regular career and overwhelming freelances, meaningless competition, family obligations and complicated relationships.

I am truly tired; and by the side, fell my health, my thesis which I stopped writing, my personal writings which I do for sheer leisure and self expression, by readings, my fitness & wellness schedule, my diet and the sacred time I used to give to nurture my close relationships and my friendships.

Of course, a double career in fashion along with the family’s business in real estate; is interesting; but juggling too many things gets to a point where it breaks you and forces you to reconsider what you judge to be important.

It is the time for change; the time to put the brakes on this crazy pace and prioritize what’s good for my own balance and personal wellness. This is why a lot of changes are going to take place in my life and on my blog:

-I will be giving more time for real life and real people, that is less time for social media and the virtual world; however I will make my content less frequent but more interesting.

-I will be blogging less regularly, so I won’t be under much pressure. My blog will start following my life instead of being anywhere near the center of it. It is my baby, yes; but it needs to be put in place and in correct perspective.

-I will start giving more time for my health, fitness and wellness; I will also be sharing all that with you in my lifestyle category where more posts on healthy diet, health in general, wellness and fitness will start appearing.

-I will be blogging more tips, advice and real life experiences; so this blog becomes even more useful and interactive.

-I will also start sharing my other works in the fashion industry on this blog; so you get the full image of what I really do, when I am offline.
But most importantly:

“I will start making this blog truly about me. I’m not into the competition, I am not seeking a rank, I am not planning to outdo anything or anyone; I am truly seeking to create something unique that makes me happy, proud and that reflect who I am and what I do; yet could be a nice contribution to the fashion and lifestyle scene in the Middle East.”


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