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Queen of Procrastination, How Not to Waste Time?

If there is one flaw I am terribly flanked with, it is procrastination. Procrastination followed me since I was a college student, and seriously, is not planning to leave me any soon. And I know well that a lot of people are suffering from the same problem.

Procrastination shows the most when:

-You are no longer committed to a regular daily routine.
-You have more time than work.
-You are slightly over confident.

In my case, I am a bit of all: I haven’t yet started my new job (a surprise I will be revealing soon) and I am taking a lot of freelance work. I no longer have classes so I am just writing my thesis. I have more time than work because I tend to finish my work quickly (I am truly efficient when I am focused) and I am a bit overconfident; another flaw that’s planning to overstay its welcome.

So I developed a few measures to beat, or at least limit procrastination. I will be sharing them with you point by point below:

• Make daily to-do lists, and make sure they are realistic.

• Schedule your tasks in a way that allows some slack; no one can become efficient overnight.

• Divide your big tasks into smaller achievable portions so you can reward yourself every now and then. And so that you can see motivating progress more frequently.

• Schedule frequent breaks, especially if you have such a short span of focus like mine. These will allow you to recharge and tackle your work with a fresh mind every time.

• Schedule your own deadlines always a couple of days before the official deadlines for any task; and religiously follow your schedule.

• Find your daily efficient zone, and schedule your work in it. This is my version of “wake up early”. I am not efficient in the morning, so I tend to schedule my work mid-day and late night. People have different energy cycles; find out your own and use it to your advantage.

• Get a friend or a parent to monitor your work and bug you about it! I have my best friend up my a** all the way from Saudi Arabia!

• Sign in into two different activities that will force you to maintain a daily schedule. For example I signed in into gym and dance classes; which breaks my day into three time slots and forces me to adapt accordingly.

• Finally, do not obsess about it; cut yourself some slack; and reward yourself every day you get to finish your to-do list!!


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