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5 Ways to Beat Bad Days

We all get bad days once in a while, these days where nothing seem to work out. I never get half-half days; and my bad days are marathonic: I can’t find my coffee mug; the beautician burns my inner knee while waxing me; I ruin my fresh manicure; it rains on me; I don’t make it to my events; my boyfriend picks a fight out of nowhere; I get stuck in traffic and I come back home to find that the internet is not working whereas I need it the most.

Having to deal with a lot of that; I developed ways around my bad days that had been working quite well, I’ll be sharing 5 here and keeping the crazy 5 for the next post about those WTF days:

1- Shut down the day and go to the gym; train like there’s no tomorrow and come back home prepare your salad and light popcorn and play potato bag in front of the TV. The exhaustion will take away your anger and the workout will boost your spirit.

2- Give yourself a gift. When I have a really bad day; I usually try to pass by the mall and buy myself a pair of shoes, a piece of clothing, makeup or a bath product and consider it a gift.

3- Come back home and play home spa!! Hair masks, facials, body scrubs… You name it. At least you’re being “beautifully” depressed; and it is really relaxing.

4- Wear your fat pants, prepare or order your favorite snacks and read some magazines, or books or anything that has nothing to do with people. Stay away from social media; the last thing you want to know is what a good day other people just had.

5- Prepare some hot chocolate and go to www.fmylife.com; and you will read thousands of stories of people who had a worst day than yours!

Or you can have a ton of chocolate ? (Not that I recommend that!!)

Have a good day though;


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