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10 Mistakes I won’t Repeat in 2015

So here it is, the season for new year’s resolutions that never materialize. But this year, instead of making a list of all the things I will probably never achieve until 2027, I decided to replace my new year’s resolutions with a set of good mean DON’TS.

Why? Because new year’s resolutions tend to fall apart, whereas I’ve learned the hard way these super special and important DON’TS through hard earned life lessons. So what about you learn from my experience for free as well? You welcome.

1- Don’t care: Turn your back on people’s opinions a good 180 degrees. Some will love you, some will hate you; most of both don’t even matter.

2- Don’t trust: Anyone! Especially people in the same industry and doing the same things as you do. They will want you to do good, but not great.

3- Don’t listen: To gossip, to or about you. And be sure that they are gossiping about you if you are doing anything important or relevant.

4- Don’t overvalue: People. Unless they are directly relevant to your work (your current work, not your imagined and future projects), your personal life (direct intimate personal life, as in real friends and family) or your financial success.

5- Don’t connect: Your career to anyone but yourself. Good work will eventually shine and prevail uncontested.

6- Don’t confuse: Success with the loud buzz. Some are meant to succeed in the light, some are meant to work behind the curtains.

7- Don’t compete: Competition ends up generating copy cats; stand out instead.

8- Don’t fear: Doing what you want to do, because “what if” is the worst kind of regrets.

9- Don’t allow: Yourself to be intimidated; because just the way they can point out your flaws, label you or your work; you can do the same. This highway goes both ways; but of course -go back to 1- you don’t care to do that.

10- Don’t worry: Because you are not the only one worried, nor the only one who feels they have no clue what they are doing. We all wait to grow up; and never really do.

So to wrap it up, f*** whatever stands in your way because it is a product of your fertile imagination and your disposition to give it value whereas you shouldn’t.

In 2015… DON’T STOP!


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