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When Life Gives you Curves … FLAUNT THEM

Yes, this is another blog post about “Curvy Women”. Those gorgeous curvy women always under the most extreme of pressures from both the mass media and their peers.

Ladies, when life gives you curves, flaunt them! I am not telling you that it is okay to be fat, I am not telling you that it is okay to be unhealthy; but having a few curves here and there, is not as bad as you think. In effect, it is the second best thing you have after your mind when you clear it out of the junk talk telling you that thinner is prettier.

I have been one of you all of my life; going in between upper normal and overweight since I was 1 day old. And yet, I was able to make it, in every single domain I decided to conquer. I ended my education in school, university and currently graduate studies in the best institutions of the country with the highest of grades and I’ve achieved things, people my age rarely achieve. I always had the best friends ever, enjoyed life and everything it has to offer day and night. I always enjoyed my love life in all its ups and downs; and never had troubles with this guy or that guy because I am not a size 0. I always had my unique presence in the social life and it was never about how big or small was my waist line.

And last, when I decided to start this blog; I knew very well that I wasn’t exactly the typical fashion blogger whose size is zero and will be looking like a model in every single outfit. Yet, I am so happy with my fashion blog and all the success it is reaping with people and brands in this country and even with my Arab readers.

I am not putting up this blog post to show you how beautiful my life is, or how happy I am. It is not about how successful are my projects or what a great achiever I am; because just like everyone else, I have my ups and downs and my career, love life, social life and weight have their yo-yo motions.

It is about telling you, yes you Curvy Women out there, that the extra weight you carry does not have to be the obstacle you hide behind, nor the extra burden you have to lift off whenever you are trying to take a step forward.

Being fat is not okay, but it is not because the media says so, nor because the bully in your school or on the street said so; but because it is unhealthy for you. Being on the upper side of your normal weight is by all means okay. Having a few curves here and there and a few stubborn pounds is by all means OKAY.

Fat is an attitude, carrying your extra fat like the biggest burden is also an attitude.
Change your attitude!!

Change your attitude towards your curves and your whole life perspective will change. Embrace your look and your curves, and strive to improve your shape and health without getting into the depressive “fat” mental attitude. Love yourself now, before loving your future thinner self and appreciate yourself today before you appreciate your future self tomorrow.

I, just like everyone else, did look in the mirror and hate every single extra kilo I had. All curvy women had these moments, especially those who are extra extra curvy. But I never ever allowed that attitude to rule my life (and between us, I only get it when I am PMSing).

And even if you are 200 pounds overweight, know that you can change your attitude towards it and make your life better, and happier; even before you start making it healthier and fitter. In effect, changing your attitude is the first step you can take to start losing weight, improving your shape and getting healthier.

No one likes the extra weight; but I personally like curves; and everything within a normal healthy limit looks beautiful in my eyes. This is why I started my fitness journey here on my blog. But this is also why I and my fat butt (excuse my French) started this fashion and lifestyle blog, long before I even thought of my current fitness journey to reach my ideal weight (which by the way, will be nowhere near thin).

My personal experience with being overweight, with struggling with the extra kilos and with never letting it affect my life; is my only reference and is something I gladly talk about in public, with people and here on my blog; because knowing I might make one curvy lady feel better about herself makes me satisfied.

Here, I said it again!! Now, dear curvy friend: Flaunt your curves, love your today self, don’t let anyone tell you that are fat or that you are not good enough, strive to be healthy and strong according to your all term and fuck whatever doesn’t make you happy!!

And of course… “When life give you curves, flaunt them”


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