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2 Years of Blogging, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

So let me guess, you expected a flowery post for my blog anniversary. But no, I won’t do that this time. This blog anniversary post will be about the good, the bad and the ugly.

I want to celebrate my blog anniversary with 10 truths. Problem?
So let me jot down some random ideas on my crowded mind before concluding with “Happy Birthday Fashionicia”:

1- It was an amazing ride, it took me places I never thought it would: Collaborations with great brands and venues, invitations to fashion weeks which I hope will be able to start covering soon, meeting new and amazing people, attending interesting events, and widening my career perspectives. And of course, plenty of new projects I am looking forward to reveal soon.

2- By my blog’s second birthday, I was expecting I’ll be a professional blogger, with photoshoots for myself and plenty of representation like the foreign bloggers I always admired; instead, I was drawn more behind the curtains to work on consulting projects and the planning and development of publications and brands, that kept my blog and its relevant social media on the back burner despite all the success it achieved.

3- Through this blog, but not exactly on it, I was able to forge relationships that ended with fruitful projects of luxury consulting and management; a field I never thought I would enter and then become proficient in.

4- I admit, there have been times where I neglected the blog and went low on both my posting calendar and social media. My first (and last) regular job kept me off, as well as my freelance projects.

5- I admit too, I was pretty lazy sometimes and never covered live or worked on my pictures; this is something I am planning and promising now never to repeat again.

6- I discovered that the blogosphere is not as pretty as its pictures. I do not want to turn this into a gossip post, but OH LORD…

7- Fashion PR is also not as professional as I expected it would be. Besides the under-informed lists, plenty of personal issues stand in the way of optimal work.

8- With everything else I do, I stopped defining myself as a blogger… Today, I call myself a busy consultant who also holds her own blog.

9- I have come to the conclusion that blogging can only be fun if it follows my real life, and useful things that go beyond fashion and that I like to share with my readers, likers and followers: This is why one of my upcoming missions will be to develop my tutorials, beauty reviews, real styling and fitness sections.

10- Finally, I am really proud of the journey so far; but it is time for a serious upgrade. I will hold any announcements for now, and will not tell you but rather show you, a third year like no other.

Happy Birthday Fashionicia (my old blog before the transfer here)!!!


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