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4 Ways to Make the Best out of Seasonal Trends Without Going Bankrupt

Seasonal trends come and go, as the name “seasonal trends” indicate, twice a year. This is why, investing in those trends (unless you are a billionaire) is most of the time a bad fashion investment. And unless a certain trend is going to survive a full year; it is always a bad idea to splurge on it from high luxury brands. Short seasonal trends are, simply stated, a waste of money.

But we all want to be fashion forward and all avant guarde all the time; this is why I have a few solutions to keep your wardrobe up to date without piercing your pocket over it:

-Invest in middle tones and colors; so when a color is in, pick the middle shades of it which are usually less intense than the “in” color; but tend to survive more fashion seasons.

-Pick hybrid pieces, which go somewhere between a classic with a twist of “in” fashion.

-Pick the recurring trends over the totally new trends; as they are likely to stay “in” longer and come back in a while.

-Pick your highly trendy items from high street brands while saving your money to splurge on the timeless classics.


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