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A Beauty Routine That’ll Change Your Life

I can never stress daily beauty routines ever enough; because no matter how much you take care of your skin at the spa occasionally; it is the daily beauty routine that will show you the real results over time. The real and lasting changes to the skin are those you invest in on daily basis; and those that truly act as a prevention against breakouts and aging.

Commitment is hard, especially when it comes to an elaborate beauty routine, life is busy and time is gold; and this is why you need a compact and easy routine to stick to in between your spa visits. And this is exactly what I am recommending in this beauty post:

-First, every good dermatologist will usually stick to one regular product, which will save you plenty of time and which effects will last for about 24 hours.

-Second, we all tend to skip the evening beauty routines sometimes or even rush in the morning and skip the morning ritual.

So here are my three daily simple but golden rules that saved my skin a lot of breakouts, drying and aging:

1- Always make sure your day or night facial creams are not greasy and have a 24 hours lasting effect in case you had to skip the next round.

2- Always pick a body lotion that the skin absorbs quickly and use it at least once every day.

3- Set the bar at a minimum of 2 liters of water per day during the cold, and 3 liters during hot weather.

Simple and very deja vu; but these are truly the 3 steps that will save your skin over time and allow it to fight both the harsh weather and the natural aging process.


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