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26 … Less Than Perfect

So I am 26 now, a full 26 and I am still less than perfect. We all have this one age with big expectations; and there is no bigger disappointment than being less than perfect by that time. I can only thank God I am less than perfect, and not the slightest bit disappointed by it.

My ideal age was and still 27, a year from now…

In too many areas of my life, I made it already and way before 27. In other areas, I am definitely on the right track. But boy!! In some details, I am not even showing the slightest signs of growing up as I planned. So let’s talk about the latter, for there is no fun in talking about the good, the pink and the fluffy!

I am sharing with you 26 of my small flaws and ridiculous habits, in this once-a-year self-depreciating article:

1- I nag a lot. And it goes from career concerns to needing an urgent pedicure, despite the fact that most often than not, I have nothing to complain about.

2- I am not a morning person. I worked for 7 months in a regular job and I am still not. When you see me in the morning, run in the opposite direction for your own safety.

3- I keep on having small collapses in by newly acquired “healthy habits”, no consistency in sight. I am much better and proud of my progress though.

4- I struggle with food. And even though I shaped up (relatively), and everyone is telling me I am much thinner: I am pretty much almost the same weight; just smaller (I assume a muscle gain and fat loss).

5- I find it hard to keep going to the gym regularly. This is going to be my focus before I am 27. Fitness freak in the making.

6- I smile a lot and laugh a lot, makes me look too flirty in inappropriate situations.

7- I like flirting, I am good at it but I stick the innocent forms of it. I cannot avoid it, and I’ll credit it for much awkward situations especially in the last year.

8- I fall in love easily, but I fall out of love even more easily. I credit this fact for my funny love life. May 2012, 2013 and 2014 be my witnesses.

9- As previously mentioned in point 8, I have a funny love life; but I do not regret it the slightest bit. One day I will look back and think I’ve had a crazy & adventurous love life, only that day I will think of settling!

10- I get the “I’m such a failure” mini collapses a lot, despite the fact that my blog is doing really well and I have more consultancy projects than anyone I know; let alone the lined up projects and collaborations. I cannot get rid of this mindset that drags me down once every two to three weeks.

11- I am very competitive and I want to make it to the moon in 6 days. It keeps me on my toes but it can be unhealthy and draining.

12- I suffer from some anxiety; it serves me most of the time but when it doesn’t… Oh Dear LORD!

13- I miss biting my nails, I make up for it by peeling my lips, done so for the past 7 years. You just cannot totally get rid of a bad habit.

14- I either shop like a prime time shopaholic, or go for 6 months without buying a lipstick. I will never be regular.

15- I am the best person to give you advice; most often than not, the last to apply it.

16- My secret sin is the hookah. That sinful arguileh is always ON in both my houses.

17- I can behave like a total maniac and egocentric with my close friends, especially when I have plenty of issues on my mind; but I know they know how much I love them; and they usually make sure during difficult times.

18- I pledged cutting down on caffeine. I did. But on the very few days I collapse, it is at least 3 cups!!

19- I am a very close friend to some of my ex boyfriends; call me crazy but falling out of love can make you discover a great friend (hoping they are on the same wave at that). Or just call me crazy.

20- Don’t call me heartless; but when I stop communicating altogether and start ignoring, it’s because I truly no longer care. I find things to be relative though, my attention at this point will simply cost much more. So send me a billboard-sized sign like showing up to my door, or just suck it up and call me heartless.

21- I do not fight back sometimes even when attacked. I do not care enough to fight back with people I know will be totally irrelevant to my life; I admit that this makes me look either weak or detached in the heat of the situation. But trust me, it’s long term win with those exact same people; your carelessness will kill them!

22- I have a weird disease: I just cannot feel the jealousy unless my ex’s new girlfriend is someone whom I consider to be better than me somehow. And at that, I have a very very very high standards. Never been tested over a woman still; call me nuts. Or just like point 20, call me heartless and add to it egocentric. If you do not do better; I will probably, mostly, laugh it off and flirt with the tall dark one; then laugh it off with him as well.

23- I do not work hard. I know it looks I do; but I always have this feeling that I could do more if I can manage my time better. I definitely need more time management skills. And a will. Definitely a will. A will to wake up early and make it happen even more!

24- I sleep with my makeup on sometimes, and I do skip some of my essential beauty routines some other times; even though I had a great last year in terms of health and skincare as well. One of my biggest goals this 26 to 27 year is never to fall short on taking care of myself when it comes to beauty, health, fitness and personal pampering.

25- I easily disconnect and fall short of communicating with my friends and family. I will be doing my best never to do this again!

26- And finally, I always have more plans in my head than under my hands. This time, you will be seeing them materialize if you tune in ?

Over the coming year, and since my biggest lucky factor is that my birthday and my blog’s birthday are only 2 weeks apart; I will be doing my best to correct some of these drawbacks I have, but also to reinforce some of those I do not see (in my twisted mind) as drawbacks. My baby blog will be also going on this journey with me to bring you all the new things that are raging like a volcano in my head!

Await a lot, with the only hope I am not only ranting here on these pages… But also giving you a taste of real…


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