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How to Stop Shopping for the Things you don’t Need

Why do I want you to learn how to stop shopping for things you do not need? Well because I am pretty convinced that crowing your life with things you do not need will also crowd your mind with ideas and concerns you do not need.

The truth is, we all go out aiming to buy something, and end up buying every little thing we do not need, probably leaving the things we actually need behind. Our lives have become crowded with the noise of things, things, things and more things; whereas some of our real needs (which are a few btw) are going missed.

You must be finding this “how to stop shopping for things you do not need” tutorial counter intuitive, assuming I am a blogger and I definitely have more things I do not need than most people. But this is exactly why I am trying to reduce my life to the essentials and trying to help you do the same.

So how to stop shopping for things you do not need? Here’s how:

1- Avoid duplicates, and that applies to duplicates and near duplicates. Never buy a piece of clothing that people might confuse with another one you already own.
2- Avoid going out shopping when you do not need anything; that includes window shopping because it will end up with shopping. Of course, I am not saying that you shouldn’t pamper yourself once a while.
3- Go with the middle trends and avoid shopping the highly erratic trends.
4- Make sure you cover all your essentials in terms of beauty and fashion; you will feel less tempted with owning more.
5- Train yourself never to own more than one beauty item of its kind at a time. Ask me, I always end up with 16 shades of red lipstick, to use only the one in my handbag.
6- Practice giving. Finding pleasure in giving will make others happy and strip your life to a happy essential.
7- Find use in what you own. Use it all, and only then; you can think of owning new stuff.
8- Grasp the concept of utility; and at that try to understand that the more you own, the less the value of what you own becomes to you regardless of the price tag.
9- Spend on experiences, more than things. Things can be bought anytime, experiences will run you over.

This is it, the 9 golden tips I learned … Only after I found myself with way too much that I do not need.


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