Fashion Faux Pas: Please DO NOT Buy Into THAT

1- That bag every single girl, her grandma and dog already have. My fashion advice number 1 forever!

2- That “IT” lipstick color everyone had been wearing over the season.

3- That iPhone cover everyone is coveting even though it couldn’t get uglier and trashier. My fashion advice that’s going to follow Moschino forever!

4- Those cuff sized rings, not that I hate them, but one is enough you know.

5- Those “artsy” nails, oh dear God…

6- That “Ombre” dual colored hair.

7- Those ridiculous sunglasses with more accessories on them than the rings in part 4.

8- That scarf, you, your mom, your grandma all have.

9- That brooch… Keep it for granny. Another forever fashion advice!

10- Finally, that royal boredom hairstyle you think of as a classic, and I think of as… slightly, or not-so-slightly, boring.


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