how to apply makeup fast

How to Apply Makeup Fast

Morning messes, I am coming to the rescue!

On university or workdays, I tend to wake up in a rush and start looking everywhere for my stuff, morning makeup products and clothes; and I’ll let you imagine the mess! To save you part of the morning hassle I always go through, I will teach you how to have your morning makeup done in a few minutes, through prior preparation tricks:

1- Keep your stuff in one place: And preferably next to your sink and mirror! Keep your morning makeup kit, facial wash and towel together right next to your sink and mirror.

2- Have a workday mini-makeup kit: Pick your workday makeup kit and put it together independently from the rest of your beauty products so you can apply your 5 minutes makeup and then take it with you for touch ups.

3- Reduce the number of used products: Limit your daily makeup to a few products, and preferably multi-purpose products to save you time and space. Foundations that dry into powder, stick blushers, all in one liner pens and so on.

4- Keep your colors versatile: Use colors that go with your natural hair and skin colors, and with most of your outfits so you won’t waste time thinking of matching your makeup to your outfit. Our workday favorites are the classic black or brown liner, black mascara, peach blusher and down toned beige or rosewood lipstick.

5- Use easily applied products: Avoid the products that need tools and brushes to be applies, go instead for those easily applied using fingers such as cream blushes and eye shadows.

6- Always use the mini-versions of makeup tools: So you won’t have space problems in your bag, avoid overly big makeup sponges and brushes; use those attached to the products instead.

7- Go either creamy or powdery: Keep most of your products on one side, because it is easier and faster to correct mistakes within the same chemical texture. If your foundation is creamy, go for creamy eyeshadows and blushers; if you’re going for compact powder instead, powdery textures for the rest of your makeup should be your initial choice.


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