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How to Keep your Closet Neat

It is that time of the year again; me in front of my closet!

We need all last Summer’s swimwear, summer dresses, tiny party dresses and sandals; but since we already shopped for some new ones, your closet and my closet are in a huge mess, and we cannot find anything we want … We don’t know what we already have is more like it!


I am putting on the sweats and getting down to help you with your seasonal wardrobe cleanup -my closet and yours definitely need it-; here are the tips you will need:

I might use it one day: If you find yourself saying this about any fashion piece you own; then you know deep inside that you will never wear it again, but still reluctant to send it away; but please do, we all know you will never use it.

Need to lose weight to wear this again: No you won’t! And unless it is less than 5 kilos away, we say you better get rid of it. There will be more fashion in the market for you to shop for by that time.

I don’t like it but I’ll pair it up with something nice: You don’t like it? TOSS IT AWAY! Thank you.

Wasn’t sure when I first bought it, but it was a good bargain: Get rid of it, for you didn’t like it in the beginning, you won’t like it in a million years. Fashion choices need 10 seconds to resolve.

Color or pattern a little odd: Keep it, fashion today is all about odd colors and patterns!

It is very vintage: Keep it, we are witnessing huge come backs!! And for you 90s’ babies, know that the decade is in line waiting to be revived *wink wink*

It needs to be fixed: PLEASE FIX IT!!! We all have these fabulous pieces in need of a stitch or a button; do not get lazy about it especially when it’s a favorite classic or a versatile piece; do it NOW!

It doesn’t match anything I have: And according to today’s trends, it doesn’t have to; so if this is the only reason, keep it.


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