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The 10 Rules of Shopping for Makeup

Shopping for makeup always ends up with a lot of future “I never use this”. This is because makeup can be as delicious as food with the fancy colors and packaging, and shopping for makeup happens on a whim most often since makeup is not as expensive as good shoes. Consequently, we all end up in a makeup mess where we only use a few selected products, and end up with a lot of new but expired items.

There is nothing I hate more than Spring cleaning my makeup boxes; I always end up throwing things I never even touched and feeling sorry for it.

So lately, I’ve developed a few rules related to shopping for makeup; here are my new sacred 7:

1- Never shop for makeup when you are down and just need to cheer up; you will most definitely buy everything you do not really need. (Try chocolate instead)

2- If the color is too odd, don’t buy it just because the product looks good in its package. Neons for example, are such eye candies in black or gold packaging, but I’m pretty sure no one uses them more than once or twice. I never did.

3- Never buy bundled up products unless you are sure you will use each and every item.

4- Cut down on the colored eyeshadow palettes no matter how good they look, very few people I know use anything beyond the black, brown, taupe and some golden shades.

5- Do not buy makeup palettes in general; it’s never a good bargain as you will always end up not even touching most of the products and colors in them. Stick to the individual items you need.

6- Go over your makeup kit regularly and take mental notes of what’s missing. Make the missing items top of your list whenever you are planning some makeup shopping.

7- No one ever needs 7 black mascaras and 9 bronzers; try not to have more than two items of each color or product you regularly use. There’s a shop around every corner, no need to crowd your beauty counter.

8- Sort your makeup items into the kind of products you use the most, and those you don’t. Only keep spare products for the items you use most. For me, I always have an extra concealer, loose powder, mascara, black liner, multi-shades matt blusher, nude lipstick with its liner and red lipstick with its liner.

9- When you buy or receive extra makeup items; be nice to a girlfriend or your younger sister or cousin. Sharing is caring.

10- And the golden rule is, never buy any color just because it is trending. I obsessed over the orange lipstick trend last summer; came off horrible with my tan and hair and it took me over 2 months of denial to get over it. Never again!!!


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