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10 Reasons you are NOT a Fashionista

Despite being in the fashion industry myself, I think the definition of fashionista is being abused. The definition of fashionista is even abused by me sometimes. And the thing is, even though I doubt there is a strict cut definition of fashionista; that everyone claims to be one. Suddenly, everyone on wordpress facebook and instagram is a fashionista.

It is repelling to look around, among the crowds of wanna-be-s, only to find at least 7 out of each 10 women to be a self proclaimed fashionista.

Do you think you are a fashionista? Here are 10 reasons you are not:

1. You unselectively follow every other fashionista in town, in the country, in the continent, and in the galaxy and other galaxies.
2. You are inspired by looks, instead of trends.
3. You are more into imitation than re-adaptation.
4. You own or look forward to own every single “IT” item out there.
5. You favorite Lebanese fashion designer is exclusively Elie Saab; you think Chanel is the world’s top brand and your favorite shoes designer is Christian Louboutin.
6. You put regular looks in fancy frames.
7. You’re all made up, all the time.
8. Your hair is either wavy or straight (out of the hairdresser’s always of course) and your makeup never misses an element.
9. You do your best not to repeat items, because you know “3aib”!!
10. You confuse expensive with stylish.

Sorry. Not sorry.


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